Success Stories

Dunkin' Donuts (Boston, MA)

Objective: Entice customers to try new hot latte drinks and use $0.99 coupon for the month of October.
Method: Radio was used to promote the campaign as well as in-store marketing materials. The special offer was sent to 7,500 leads that opted into the campaign.
Results: Stores saw a 21% increase in traffic. 17% of the opt-ins forwarded the message to their friends. Subsequent surveys showed that 35% of the customers would be likely become repeat customers.
Source: Mobile Marketing Association

Third Reform Church (Pella, IA)

Objective: Keep youth group up to date with current events.
Method: Manual opt-ins and well widgets on their website.
Results: Church sends reminders about upcoming events. They have seen significant increase in attendance at special events. Over 80% of the youth group opted into the service. Service has been invaluable; they are able to notify members instantly of schedule changes, cancellations, or other updates.

Tao Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV)

Objective: Tao was not receiving a satisfactory response rate from their existing email marketing campaign. Their goal was to create an easy way to capture their customer’s information.
Method: Tao integrated their sms marketing campaign into all of their existing marketing materials, their website, and the club’s TV monitors.
Results: Within 3 weeks over 2,000 customers opted-in and joined their list. Of the 2,000 people on the list, over 11% responded to the first promotion sent via text message and Tao generated over $6,000 in revenue as a result.

Rte 66 Harley Davidson (Tulsa, OK)

Objective: Rte 66 Harley wanted to improve visibility of their holiday promotions and gain new customers.
Method: Rte 66 used their existing social media campaigns as well as in store marketing to promote the new sms campaign.
Results: The dealership saw a significant increase in sales of items offered during the promotion. T-shirt sales were 250% higher than normal; the store sold more helmets in one day than they had the previous week, and saw an overall increase in traffic.
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